Secure The Border

We have an unprecedented crisis at the border. Democrats have rejected every generous deal President Trump has offered to solve the issue of immigration. Bobby will fight in Congress to build the wall, deport criminal illegals, reform legal immigration, and keep America secure.

Support Iowa Farmers

Iowa’s farmers keep America independent and secure. Unfortunately, decades of unfair trade policies have limited their ability to provide food for our nation. Bobby will fight in Congress to ensure fair trade for Iowa’s farmers and cut the regulations that prevent them from growing and prospering.

Cut Spending

Congress’ irresponsible addiction to debt and deficits is endangering future generations. In Congress Bobby will fight to restore fiscal responsibility and keep taxes low. When he served in Congress he returned $110,000 of his office’s budget back to the taxpayer. He also rejected his Congressional pension and was the lead sponsor of the bill that would change the time to receive Congressional pensions to the same age everyday Americans receive Social Security. Washington has enough money. It doesn’t need to spend more of it.

Defend Life

Bobby believes that life begins at conception. In Congress he will work to finally defund Planned Parenthood and call out the establishment Republicans who pretend to support life but never vote that way. Life is the moral battle of our time and we can’t afford pretenders when it comes to defending the unborn. Bobby was endorsed by National Right to Life and the Susan B. Anthony list. He’s a true Pro-Life warrior and ready to fight.

Stand For The Second Amendment

Bobby is a proud gun owner and member of the NRA. The country’s oldest civil rights organization has endorsed him before and he will be one of their strongest champions in Congress again when elected. He knows that the Second Amendment defends all of the rest of our fundamental freedoms. In Congress he will defend our freedoms from gun-grabbers in both parties because tyranny is always just around the corner.

Respect Our Veterans

When Bobby’s father, a veteran of the Korean war, was dying of cancer, Bobby drove him back and forth to the Veteran’s Hospital in Iowa City. It bothered Bobby that his dad couldn’t receive his veteran’s benefits at his local hospital that was only 7 blocks from his home. He put a bill together to help alleviate this problem; The Enhanced Veterans Health Experience Act. This bill allowed our heroes to use their benefits at any hospital and with any doctor. Despite initial opposition from the Swamp, the bill passed 426-0 and was signed into law. In Congress he will fight once again to defend our nation’s veterans and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Protect Free Speech

Americans’ free speech is under attack like never before. Leftist ideologues are trying to silence conservative speech using heavy-handed government as well as monopolistic social media companies. In Congress, Bobby will fight to defend free speech from anyone who attacks it.