We are honored to accept the endorsement of Congressman Jim Jordan!

Today, I am grateful to accept the endorsement of President Trump’s most fierce supporter in congress; Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio. I had the pleasure of serving alongside Congressman Jordan in the 112th congress. Jim is one of us, a real conservative that stands up for Republican values. I look forward to serving alongside him again, and to finally give the people of the 2nd district the representation they deserve.

This campaign has been a true grassroots movement, as summed up by Shane Vander Hart of The Caffeinated Thoughts Podcast when he said “Definitely seeing a grassroots vs. establishment divide w/ Republican endorsements in this primary. June 2nd will be interesting.” Shane is absolutely right, we will continue to exceed expectations all the way to November where WE WILL FLIP THIS SEAT RED.

I need your help now more than ever. President Trump needs conservative Republicans with the backbone to fight the democratic establishment. NOT RINOS! If you could help by chipping in $25, $50, $100 or even the max of $2,800; every dollar that you donate will go straight to fighting the Democratic Socialists and establishment RINO’s!

*“Now more than ever it is vital to get reinforcements in Congress to help defend President Trump, and promote our conservative solutions to the challenges our country faces.We need Bobby Schilling back in Congress working with us again.” - Jim Jordan*